Painting Reproductions by Paolo Euvrard

Oil Painting Reproductions On Canvas

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Painting reproductions studio

117/17/6 Cong Quynh st., D1, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
 [email protected]  (+84) 932 63 41 72

Inside the Painting Reproductions studio

Our studio is located in Vietnam, where we are doing painting reproductions since 1996.
We take our time to create the most accurate and detailed oil paintings on canvas, so we can be proud of a job well done.
All paintings go through a traditional painting process: the canvas is primed, stretched on wooden bars and paint at our artist studio. A painting go through several stages and it normally takes 5-6 weeks to complete one.
This delay is required to achieve a deep texture, superposing multiple layers of painting over many days, as the oil painting needs time to dry before each new layer can be added; then finally the painting comes to life as the finest details are painted last.